Service Notice during COVID-19 Response

We continue to work diligently to provide the financial services you need and deserve and most importantly, we continue to keep you informed. Together, we will walk through the upcoming days with calm and confidence as a community of people helping people. If you have questions or need assistance with any of our financial services, you are welcome to chat with us online at or call/text (734) 432-0212 during normal business hours.  We remain committed to the health, safety and financial well-being of you, our employees, and our communities. We are here for you, every step of the way.

Branch Operations

Beginning Thursday March 19, 2020, we are implementing drive-thru only at our branches and limiting person to person contact to appointment only (requests can be made using the form at right). We ask that you kindly postpone non-critical matters for when we can return to walk-in branch transactions and services. However, if you have a critical matter that requires signing documents or a loan closing, please schedule an appointment using our easy Online Scheduler (right) or by calling or texting (734) 432-0212. You may also send an email to Our drive-thru lanes and Member Contact Center at 734.432.0212 will remain open Monday – Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Online Access

Please consider the well-being of our employees, their families, and the community and refrain from coming into our facilities or from using the drive-thru if you or anyone in your household is experiencing any symptoms of illness. Instead, we ask that consider doing your financial transactions electronically / remotely.

As a reminder, there are many ways to access and manage your CVF account 24/7 using:

Financial Hardships

We want you to feel safe and confident in your ability to access your finances, which is critical for our economy and the functioning of everyday life for our members.  Therefore, we have added the following options available to assist you during these challenging times.

  • Skip your loan payments – over the next few month you can skip up to 2 loan payments.  The fees will be waived, and you must access through our online/mobile banking applications. You may request to skip* up to two qualifying loan payments through our online / mobile banking app. Simply locate the MORE widget on your dashboard and select SKIP A PAY. Plus, Catholic Vantage Financial is waiving the regular $30 fee so you don’t have to worry about depositing funds before making your request. Interest will continue to accrue on the total outstanding loan balance for each loan payment that I choose to skip. Each payment skipped will extend the original loan term. Catholic Vantage Financial reserves the right to review your account status and approve or deny your request to skip the loan payment(s). Real estate loans, VISA accounts, and loans with a balloon payment due at term do not qualify for this offer. Not all loans / members will qualify.
  • We are making available 0% hardship loans to help bridge the financial gap you may be experiencing at this time. A letter of hardship explaining your current situation is required. Payments may be deferred up to 3 months. Apply online (link online application) or call 734-432-0212.
  • Our 0% VISA program* has been expanded to include all of our consumer accounts and you can take advantage it now. *VISA promotional offer available beginning March 18, 2020 for a limited time only. Offer can change at anytime without notice. Must meet underwriting criteria. Other loans and rates available. Visit or call / text (734) 432-0212 for more information.

Financial Counseling

To help members experiencing financial hardships during the COVID-19 crisis, Catholic Vantage Financial is ready to assist you. To help you get your finances in order, we have partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to help our members with debt counseling, budgeting, payment plans, and credit report review. Simply call GreenPath at 1-877-337-3399 or click here to get learn more.


As always, it is important to be aware of fraudsters or scam artists who will attempt to access your personal information, get you to click on a link, or obtain money from you fraudulently. Rather than handling cash, using your Debit card or VISA card may be a preferred way to make purchases during the virus outbreak. Also, be on guard for phony emails, online ads, links, unknown charities, or other attempts to ask you for financial assistance or to divulge your personal and financial information.

If you suspect fraud on your Debit card, or if you lost your Debit card, call 888-297-3416. For a lost or stolen VISA, call 888-886-0083 or use CARD MANAGEMENT in your mobile / online banking app. For additional contact information, click here.

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