Plymouth Offers Video Tellers, ITMs

As part of our commitment to making life better for our members, we are excited to introduce an easy-to-use banking technology in Plymouth.  Interactive Teller Machines (ITMs) and Video Tellers are the latest and greatest innovative and interactive banking machines designed to give you a personalized experience. They provide all the convenience of an ATM with the personal service of a live teller PLUS more convenience and functionality.

Your Questions… Answered

What is a Video Teller and an ITM?

Similar to FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Teams, a CVF Video Teller is a real-life team member who is available to assist you via video chat channel, in real-time, using an ITM. An Interactive Teller Machine, or ITM, combines the convenience of an ATM with the personalized service and expertise you’ve come to expect at CVF. These high touch, high tech machines allow you to connect with a live Video Teller to assist you with any of the financial transactions you were used to performing in our drive-thru or inside our branch setting right.


How does a Video Teller and ITM work?

After driving up, or walking up inside, to a machine, you can either insert your debit card or touch the screen to start a session with one of our Video Tellers. If assistance is requested from a Video Teller, they will appear on-screen in a video conference. Our machine uses built-in cameras and speakers to provide you and the teller with the ability to hear and see each other during the transaction. If you choose to use the ITM as an ATM, without Video Teller assistance, you can withdraw cash, make deposits, or cash a check without an envelope. It’s that easy!

 Where are the Video Tellers located?

Our Video Tellers work remotely from a centralized location.


Why is CVF using Video Tellers?

Video Tellers allow CVF to serve you more efficiently, safely, and with less vulnerability. Our Video Tellers bring personalized service to the convenience of an ATM. We strive to offer the latest and greatest in innovative financial technology and we are excited to offer this convenient new banking option to our members.


Do you still have drive-up services?

We will continue to offer drive-up service in Livonia. Plymouth has been fully converted to ITM technology.

8 reasons you will love our ITMs!

  1. Quick, easy transactions – No deposit slips or payment coupons needed
  2. Private, personal live assistance – Touch the screen and speak with a CVF Credit Union iTeller specialist
  3. More functionality – Take care of more business beyond standard ATM transactions
  4. Social distancing – There’s no person-to-person contact as it’s all done completely digitally through video, which allows you to stay safe
  5. Simple to use – The ease of an ATM with personalized service and hospitality
  6. Security – A safe and secure way to do your banking
  7. Drive or walk-up convenience
  8. Check images on receipts

Are the ITMs the same as ATMs?

Our ITMs offer you an enhanced ATM experience and the ability to perform everyday teller transactions with a real person (upon request) via two-way video and built-in speakers, just as you would with any teller.


If you touch the screen to start your session, you’ll be connected to one of our iTellers, who will guide you through your entire transaction. And, since our ITMs can function as an ATM, if all you need is a simple cash withdrawal, deposit, or balance inquiry, just insert your debit card and enter your PIN to get started. No need to touch the screen to engage with an iTeller.


What transactions can be conducted at the ITM?
Most teller transactions can be done with our iTellers at the ITM, including cash and check deposits, withdrawals, transfers, loan payments, balance inquiries, and check cashing.


What does the ITM offer an ATM does not?

A one-on-one, personalized experience with an iTellers. With an iTeller, you can discuss your account, cash a check, and receive your cash dispensed how you prefer.


Am I able to request certain denominations of bills for my cash withdrawal?

Yes. If you request certain bills, the teller can change the number of each denomination being dispensed.


Can ITMs handle coins?

No. If you would like to deposit or receive coins, we ask that you stop inside the Livonia Branch.


Can I get a receipt?

Absolutely. Plus, all ITM receipts offer the image of any check deposits on the receipt.


What are the benefits of using an iTeller at the ITMs?

iTellers and our ITMs will provide you with a more convenient and efficient service. They are faster than walking into the branch to wait for a teller, should you be short on time.


Are iTellers and ITMs replacing CVF Credit Union employees?

No. In fact, with the adoption of these machines, we’re adding new positions, departments, and opportunities to the team. When you use iTellers, you are being served by one of our team members from a remote location, but you can see and talk to them onscreen just as you would in person.


Will the same iTeller handle my transaction? Can I choose my iTeller?

You may not always be assisted by the same teller. Instead, the next available iTeller will be able to assist you. This helps to shorten wait times so you can get your transactions done and get on with your day!


Will I need to show my ID?

Just like in a branch or the drive-thru, a valid form of identification is required to conduct certain transactions. You will be asked to scan your ID for proper identification. If you have forgotten your ID, simply touch the screen to speak with a CVF Credit Union iTeller, who will provide other options for verifying your identity. If you need a simple ATM transaction, just insert your debit card to begin as usual.



Are transactions at the ITM private and secure?

Our ITMs provide options for additional privacy. They all have a chat feature available on the units – like text messaging – you can plug in chorded headphones, or you can pick-up the phone (on the interior units only). Each of these channels is as secure as if you were doing a teller transaction in one of our branches or the drive-thru. Just like in a branch, we may require photo identification. For security purposes, all transactions are recorded.


How soon will my deposit be made available when using an ITM?

All cash deposits made through ITM will be made available immediately. All check deposits made through Virtual Teller are processed using the same Funds Availability Policy as they would be with a traditional teller in a branch or the drive-thru.


Do I have to use the video banking function?

No, you do not. You can continue to use the ITM as you would use an ATM. Simply use your debit card as you have always done when making an ATM transaction. If you engaged an iTeller, if you prefer your business to be more discreet, you can also use the on-screen text messaging function.


What are the hours of operation for the ITMs?

Traditional ATM functionality, as well as the ability to make deposits and cash checks, is available 24/7/365. Our iTellers are available during normal business hours Monday through Friday. That’s Monday and Tuesday (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), Wednesday (10:00 am. to 5:00 p.m.), Thursday and Friday (9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).