CVF Converting To Visa

In February, we started the process of transitioning our current Mastercard debit cards to an all-new Visa debit card platform. This transition is designed to give all of our members key account enhancements to make it easier to access all of their accounts. As part of the transition and as more of our members expect the flexibility of making purchases from their accounts and enjoying anytime access to their cash, CVF Credit Union will only be supporting debit cards going forward. This means we will no longer offer ATM cards.

Get a CVF checking today and in less than 5 minutes. Opening a new checking account with debit card is as easy as a phone call or visit to our Livonia branch. Plus, once you have a new checking account, your new CVF debit card will arrive via USPS in an unmarked envelope and will include instructions on how to activate it.

We are excited to share the timeline, below, for you to follow along with our progress. We hope you are excited about these upgrades as we work to make life better for all our members.

July: Activation & Digital Wallet

In July, members will continue to receive their new Visa debit card and should activate their card upon receipt. As a reminder, when you activate your card, you will select a Personal Identification Number (PIN). PINs are no longer mailed separately. We are also excited to announce, after receiving approval from Apple, Google, and Samsung, our Visa debit card is now available in your digital wallet.

June: Process Starts To Re-Issue

We will officially go live on the all-new Visa debit card platform in June. Throughout the month, we will be working behind the scenes to start mass re-issuing all of the CVF debit cards to members. Your CVF Mastercard debit card will no longer work after you activate your new CVF Visa debit card. This is all part of the normal process of conversion; so do not be alarmed.

April-May: Visa Debit Arrives

Members should be on the lookout for the all-new CVF Visa debit cards to arrive in mailboxes. These cards will NOT be active or available for your use. Please keep them in a safe place as we work on getting cards out to all members during this timeframe.

February-March: Convert to New Platform

As a reminder, this year, we will be converting all current Mastercard debit cards to Visa debit cards. We have already started the work behind the scenes for a smooth and seamless transition and will will officially convert our debit card platform on February 20, 2023.

Man with Credit card and mobile phone


    New CVF Blue Contactless Visa

    In the event you have a question or concern about this change, please stop by our branch, contact our Contact Center during normal business hours at (734) 432-0212, or email us at membercenter@mycvf.org.

    Important FAQs

    Will my new card number be the same as my current card number?

    No. Because of the move to Visa, you will have a new card number, CCV number, and expiration date.

    I have automatic charges to my current card. What happens with those?

    With your new Visa, you will receive an all-new card number, CVV number, and expiration date. Once activated, you will want to update any recurring charges you may have with online partners such as Amazon, Netflix, Kroger, Target, and others. If you are using your existing card to make re-occurring payments anywhere, you will need to update your information with each of those accounts.  Otherwise, your payments will not process.

    What do I do when I get my new card in the mail?

    Follow the “Activation Instructions” on the card and destroy your old card.

    I did not receive a new card to replace my existing card. What do I need to do?

    Give us a call at 734-432-0212 and we will investigate and order you a new card.