FAQ: Loyalty Rewards

Do you have questions about the CVF Loyalty Rewards Program? Here is where we will built out our most commonly asked questions. Don’t see your question answered? Use the form here to submit your questions.

Where Can I See My Points?

To see the your points, you can access the portal from inside online banking (under Card Services tab) or from our website (www.mycvf.org/loyaltyrewards), simply click the EARN POINTS image at the right or the ScoreCard Reward button at the bottom of the page. You will be taken to our ScoreCard Rewards portal where you will follow the account creation instructions to access your page.

If I tap my card vs inserting my card and using the pin, do I still earn bonus points?

When you use the Tap & Pay feature, it’s ultimately up to the merchant how it treats the transaction. At times, the merchant terminal may request a PIN, which would be treated like a PIN transaction. Other times, the terminal may not request anything – which I’m led to believe this would be treated like a Signature transaction.

Members earn:

– 1 point for every $3 you spend when you select “Credit” to make a qualified purchase

– 1 point for every $5 you spend when you select “Debit” and use your PIN to make a qualified purchase

How do I sign up for the Loyalty Rewards program?

As a CVF Credit Union member with a debit card, you are automatically enrolled in our rewards program. Your bonus points are earned simply by using your CVF debit card.

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