To Infinity and Beyond–Financially Speaking

To Infinity and Beyond–Financially Speaking

Everyone has dreams or goals.

Maybe they involve your plans for tomorrow, or perhaps they are long-term and look down the road five to ten years in advance. Goals are crucial to your wellbeing, and financial goals are no exception.


Now, I understand that setting financial goals may seem daunting, especially if you haven’t made other life changing decisions like where you will attend college or what you would like to study. However, when financial goals are not made, the problem becomes a lack of understanding of the financial world and a general lack of awareness.


You certainly don’t have to be a financial expert to make financial goals.

The beautiful thing about goals is that they can adapt and change as you and your ideals mature.Crossing the finish line will never be possible if you never take the first step of the race. Setting a goal is quite similar to taking the first step of the race.


Begin to think about what you value, and what you envision for yourself. From a short-term perspective, think about establishing credit. If this is your goal, consider opening your own credit card to make small purchases that will build good credit.


If you’re thinking ahead into the future, think about buying your own place. Home-ownership provides an individual with a liberating sense of freedom, and if this is your goal, initiate a plan. Consider setting aside a special amount per month designated to this goal, and over a few years, you will see this number steadily increase.


As I previously mentioned, financial goals augment a sense of financial literacy, education, and responsibility. The more invested you are in your future, the more prepared you will be. If you create financial goals as a young millennial, your perspective of the financial world and your ability to thrive in it will only be enhanced.


If you are unsure of where to start, think about these ideas:

Millennials commonly struggle with student debt, the cost of living, the price of entertainment, and the need for an emergency fund.

All of these ideas may seem complex at a cursory glance, but upon consideration are not too complicated.


While the goals you set may be unique to you personally, they are not necessarily exclusive. What I mean by that, is that your goals affect other people, whether you realize it or not. If you are still struggling to create or measure your goals, talk to someone you trust. The people in your life may be able to provide you with a new perspective on these financial dilemmas or provide support in another shape or form.


Get ahead of the financial curve by setting your goals today. Blast off to infinity and beyond with a sense of financial knowledge.


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