Government Shutdown Assistance

Government Shutdown Assistance

If your pay is impacted by the government shutdown stop by our office, call us at (734) 432-0212, or email:

Catholic Vantage Financial is helping members who are affected by the government shutdown. You may be eligible for government shutdown assistance if your pay is impacted and you are a

Federal government employee or
Active Duty servicemembers of the Coast Guard

  • Skip your non-real estate loan payment(s) with Catholic Vantage Financial. Other options may be available for real estate loans.
  • You may be eligible for a zero percent short term loan to help with expenses.
  • We can review your credit report and offer help and tips to improve your credit rating and cash flow
  • Our partnership with GreenPath with may also provide assistance with: Personal and family budgeting, money management, debt repayment and avoiding bankruptcy, foreclosure and repossession. Learn more about GreenPath by clicking here(  or call toll- free 1 -877-337-3399
Talk with people you trust. We’re here for you, every step of the way.
You can also Visit our Learning Center for access to financial tips and information

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