The Cost of Graduation Parties

Jun 10 2016

The Cost of Graduation Parties

For seniors, it’s that time of the year. Graduation parties are on the calendar! Here are some tips to keep a handle on the expense.


High school graduation parties are only becoming more elaborate and expensive, so here are four things to keep in mind when you’re planning a graduation party.Grad Party FB

1. Set a Budget

Now this first tip may seem obvious, but it’s honestly easy to loose sight of the costs if you are not meticulously keeping a running tab of all the items you want. The average cost for a graduation party is $985, and the cost will only continue to increase if you do not set a firm budget. Create a budget and stick to it—it’s that simple.It’s All About Location

2. Location

Location, location, location—you’ve probably heard this phrase in relation to buying a house, but the same theory applies for graduation parties. Location will likely determine a large chunk of your cost. Hosting the party at your house will most likely reduce your cost. However, if you plan on renting tents and other special equipment, take the time to compare this cost to that of renting a space at a restaurant or alternate public area.


3. Invitations Matter

Though it sounds obvious, sending out invitations to your grad party is a must have; however, it is an expense that is easily overlooked. Ordering custom invitations is an additional expense, and while they are lovely, they are not necessary for everyone. If you want to save on invitations, send e-invites. Sending out digital invitations per e-mail or via Facebook can save both time and money.

4. Food is Money

No matter how big or small your grad party is, you most likely are spending a significant portion of your budget on food. Maybe you’re hiring a caterer, or maybe you’re having homemade food. A caterer is obviously more expensive, but cooking everything requires more time. Think about which is more valuable—time or money.


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