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Aug 22 2016

The Tuition Myth

  Growing up in Michigan, I’ve known so many people that solely apply to in-state universities. As I went through the process of college applications this past year, I talked to many of my friends and classmates to ascertain why they were so locked-in to staying...

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Aug 11 2016

To Infinity and Beyond–Financially Speaking

Everyone has dreams or goals. Maybe they involve your plans for tomorrow, or perhaps they are long-term and look down the road five to ten years in advance. Goals are crucial to your wellbeing, and financial goals are no exception.   Now, I understand that setting...

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Aug 08 2016

How to Avoid Overspending on Textbooks

  New or used. Rent or buy. These four categories are what define the textbook industry. Most university textbooks come at a premium, a startling change from the price of books in high school.   To avoid overspending, keep in mind these criteria for each category.   New   Shiny, clean-cut edged,...

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Aug 01 2016

Breaking Down Co-Authorization and Co-Signing

  As you are reading the title of this blog, you may be thinking to yourself: co-what?!   While not complicated concepts, many young people are not familiar with the concepts of co-authorization and co-signing. Let's start from the beginning.   Financial responsibility and financial freedom are typically two...

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Jul 28 2016

The Best Membership and Rewards Programs

  “Hi, there. Would you like to open a rewards account today? You can save up to 20% on your purchase if you become a reward member today.” You’ve probably heard this hackneyed phrase at every department store you’ve shopped at. While some memberships and rewards programs save...

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Jul 21 2016

3 Tips for Dorm Shopping

  It’s that time of the year again—time to start thinking about school. If you are a college freshman like me, the list of items you need for your dorm seems endless. Before you run all over the city to individually cross of each item on your...

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Jul 18 2016

Finding Your Niche

 Take the road less traveled. Be the fruitloop in a world full of cheerios. It’s okay to be different.   You've likely heard cliché or overused phrases such as the ones above in your childhood and teen years. While you may have your own version of these...

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Jul 14 2016

3 Tips for Back to School Technology Shopping

  Every year you see the bright, colorful ads for college supplies. In years past, you have probably just ignored these ads as they seam irrelevant; yet, this year will be different. If you are an incoming freshman like me, there are so many new items that...

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Jul 11 2016

The 411 on Credit Scores

You’ve probably seen all those hackneyed commercials about improving your credit score; yet, you’ve probably seen them so many times that the meaning has been lost. So what is credit score, and why is it important?   In simple terms, a credit score is a calculated three digit...

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Truths and Myths About Apple Pay

[embed][/embed] Truth or myth? With rumors swirling about Apple Pay and how it actually works, it becomes increasingly difficult to separate fact from fiction. Here's what you need to know about Apple Pay and the technology behind it. Innovative technology continues to infiltrate and impact day-to-day life,...

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The Value of the Dollar

I recently was shopping at a local convenience store, and I started to browse the gum and candy positioned at the front counter. I went to grab a pack of gum—nothing too fancy, just a standard minty gum—and I was disappointed to discover that I...

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3 Tips to Be a Smart Shopper

  Planning ahead is the key to any financial plan. This philosophy, especially when applied to entertainment and shopping, makes for a healthier financial lifestyle. Millennials are known for preferring convenience, but convenience comes at a premium. Here are a few things to think about before impulsively...

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Capitalizing on Technology

Twitter. YouTube. Facebook. Instagram. Snapchat. Our generation is referred to as the generation of technology. We have the world at our fingertips with the click of a button. Technology is such an integral part of daily life that we don’t always take the time to think...

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How Direct Deposit Actually Works

Would you like to enable Direct Deposit? This is a common question employers are asking teens during the hiring process. While this question seems straightforward for seasoned employers, many teens starting their first job remain unsure how to answer the question or respond without understanding...

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