You’ve earned it!

Catholic Vantage Financial fully understands the challenges college grads face in securing reliable transportation and affordable new car financing to launch their careers. To help recent college grads, we’ve launched a new car financing program unlike any other, cars4GRADS.

Ready to apply for your cars4Grads financing?

This is your first loan without a co-signer (sorry mom and dad) and it’s the start of your credit history. That’s why we put together a few short interactive videos to help you to understand the car financing process. No worries though, we know you are done with school and promise that these are short and painless. Simply click to watch each one then complete the information below and you are on your way!

Cars4GRADS* includes:

  • No credit / no co-signer needed
  • $500 rebate towards the purchase price
  • Low cost insurance options

To qualify, you’ll need:

  • Recent college diploma
  • Letter of employment or a recent paystub

Let us help you get on the road and on the way to a more secure financial future! We’re here for you, every step of the way!

* Must be eligible for membership with Catholic Vantage Financial and meet underwriting guidelines. Offer is available for new vehicles and vehicles up to four model years old. Must have graduated from a two or four year college/university within the past 12 months.